The story behind Steve Mc Queen’s Indian

Grant posted about this bike the other day. See his post HERE. it a great story.

Our friend JD brought in his bike Old White. It started out as a 1947 Indian. In 1970 JD built the engine up to be a real hot rod beating anybody who challenged. It caught Steve McQueen’s eye so much that when JD insisted it wasn’t for sale, Steve had JD build him one just like it. JD’s bike features a larger main sprocket, punched out to 86 cubic inches, all the speed equipment of the day and dual ignition, a distributor on the right side for regular riding and a magneto on the left side for racing. There are two spark plugs mounted in front of the handlebars wired to the mag. When asked, JD said that was his “Visual Tachometer”, shooting sparks in time with the engine. “When I hit over 100 [mph], it was a blue flame shooting out there.” JD continues. Yes, that’s a real bayonet as a shifter with the brake spring connected to it over the exhaust.

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