The LMC VIP Give away!

Chris at Loser Machine Company has put together two briliant VIP bags for the 6 Over premier… but you have to work for it! You get a limited edition Loser Machine/Kickstart Cycle Supply shirt, a pair of LM gloves, a 6OVER DVD and the latest copy of DicE and two (2) Tickets to the movie.
Here is all you have to do… Send Chris a photo submission, make him laugh or cringe it’s up to you. He will pick the 2 best submissions on Wednesday, September 19th and announce them on the LMC blog.
*NOTE: He will also post the chosen 2 pictures on the LMC Blog for the world to see!
You must pick up the tickets and VIP packs at the event on Friday night in Brooklyn. Good luck!
Send submissions to: ~ Walter


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