The EDR Express

Have you dreamed of the adventure of the open road? Have you longed to get away from it all… with five hundred other mescal fueled motorcycle enthusiasts trying to get away from it all? Well dream no more Mis Amigos it is time for El Diablo Run! You know what it is, you’ve seen the movie. I’m not going to try to describe the indescribable or talk you into going on a trip that you have been wanting to do for years. What I am going to do is give you the means to realize your dream.


Most of us can’t take off the two weeks it would take to ride from home to Baja and back. What if you could do it in seven days? Would ya? Yes you would. Mike 47 and I will be hauling a trailer from the great state of New Jersey to The jump off point in Temecula, CA. The trailer is almost full, Almost! We have room for a few more bikes. more specifically, we have a spot for YOUR bike. Imagine flying into California meeting up with your bike, having the time of your life in Mexico then, The bike is back in the trailer to be lovingly transported home while you are on a flight munching on complimentary peanuts! “That’s great Walt, but I don’t live in New Jersey.” Where there is a will there is a way. Give us a call, You would be surprised just how good we are at logistics. Just to be clear… this is your chance for some real, dirt in your teeth, puke on your shoes style adventure. Don’t be the guy in the bar that tells the sad tale about the time he shoulda gone to Baja. Be the brave mutherfucker that did it. Call Mike for all the details @ 908. 526. 8865 or email