The Auction Wrap Up

We would like to thank everyone who bid on our Sissy Bar Art Auction. Thank you to the artists for creating beautiful works and the winning bidders for winning! We are very happy to say we raised $3504.49 for Feeding America.

After finishing the auction few days ago, we were watching the Parks and Rec reunion show. (I know you are thinking I’m a Ron, but truth be told, I’m more of an April.) During the show they were fundraising for Feeding America. What a coincidence! Turns out that Parks and Rec is also matching donations. That means they will donate the same amount you do up to $500,000. That also means we will be able to turn our $3504.49 into $7008.98! We will be making the donation in the names of all the artists and winning bidders.

Thank you again!

Walter & Bill

PAUL COX @paulcoxindustries
OLIVER JONES @thecutrate
DAVE BARKER @speedmetalcycles
JEREMY CUPP @lc_fabrications
JD SANSAVER @flyingmonkeyfabrication