Swap Meet!

Last year we had a Swap at the shop. It was a lot of fun and we had some great vendors. Unfortunately the lot we set up in was recently sold so we needed to find a new space for this year.

I asked my friend Phil if he had any ideas where I could find a spot “Why don’t you do it here?” He said. “Where?” I said. “Here in my parking lot.” “Are you fuckin’ nuts? Do you know what you are in for?” “Yea, I got a pretty good idea. Lets do it anyway.” Phil is the sales manager for Bergen County Harley Davidson I was a bit shocked. Still, I immediately took him up on his generous offer.

The parking lot is pretty big so we are going to fill it with all kinds of fun stuff.

SWAP MEET | All Killer! No Filler! No feathered earrings or Hippie soap allowed. If you want a space you have to EMAIL ME. Space is FREE and limited.

RIDE IN BIKE SHOW | Got a cool bike? Stop by and win… something cool!

HOT FOOD & COLD BEER | Do I need to explain this one? No. Good.

LIVE DEMOS | Pinstriping, Blacksmithing, Shoe repair, Needlepoint. We got something for everyone!

DATE: Saturday Aug 19th from 10am till 6pm

Hope to see you all there!