Months ago I agreed to meet Biltwell Bill in Alabama for The Dixie Round Up 2, then promptly forgot all about it. Long story short, had a great time. Meet some great people. Drank some moonshine. Rode a bunch of miles. The highlight of the trip (other than meeting Roadside Marty) was going to the Barber Motorsport Museum. ITWASTHEBESTPLACEIHAVEEVERBEENTOINMYENTIRELIFE!!!!!! I am still going through the hundreds of pictures I took, I’ll post them as soon as I can. If you are ever remotely close to it, go. If you like motorcycles, this is as close to heaven as most of us will get.
Biltwell Bill at the Chopper Dojo

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1 thoughts on “ROLL TIDE!

  1. Wes says:

    That’s saying a lot considering the fact that you really get around (floozy)!!

    P.S. Bill’s a ruler!

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