Michael Woolaway builds a HyperMotard

Woolie is aiming to enter the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and give the mountain a shot. No wild expectations, just head up to Colorado and get to know The Mountain and make it to the summit. And come home.

Its been on Michael Woolaway’s Bucket List for quite a while, and the circumstances are coming together and a goal has been set. It will take a large amount of physical, mental, and mechanical preparation to get there, squeezed between working on customer Deus builds here at the 1001 Venice Blvd workshop, but Woolie is determined.

THE BIKE is the first order of business. Woolie started with a stock 2014 Ducati Hypermotard with 95hp and weighing in at 435lbs.

The lower oxygen levels at elevation cause a significant power loss towards the top of the mountain, so Woolie’s focus was set on optimizing power-to-weight ratio. For increasing power, he went with a 200hp 1198RS motor and for reducing weight he trimmed 88lbs by removing and replacing the factory trim with minimal carbon fiber bits, a hand-shaped aluminum fuel cell, and carbon fiber wheels by BST. Close attention was paid to the PPIHC rulebook to make sure everything is race compliant when it comes time to pass the tech inspection on the mountain.

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