Linkert Attacks! (Sucks!)

The long and bloody turf war between the Black Widows and Suffering Bastards has gone on long enough. As part of the tentative peace treaty the Suffering Bastards Motorcycle Collective has agreed to help promote the Black Widows horrible, horrible… just fringing horrible event Linkert Attacks! If you like warm beer, terrible weather and substandard motorcycles you owe it to yourself to attend this years Linkert Attacks!
Between June 28 and 30th. 2013 Travel to ” a magical part of the deep south of England” and have what the Black Widows call “fun” Visit their BLOG (that looks like a six year old girl made for them.) for all the latest info. Have a great time! (…and stay out of America you filthy arthropods!) ~ Walter

linkert 13 invite front