It’s all over, for now.

I always have a hard time wrapping this thing up. First things first. Thank you all who participated. It wouldn’t be the same without you. Our SPONSORS are some of the best people I know. Simply put,  without them this wouldn’t exist. To everybody who helped out, pinched in, helped clean up. The Catering Crew. The Staff at Landers.  you guys make the run what it is and thank you very much. After we sweep out the trailer I want to write an epic poem of battle and victory… but that is stupid. Equally as challenging for me is the narrative.  “Well… this guy did this! Then that guy did THAT! Someone crashed and I THINK there was a bear? Or Walter was snoring, i’m really not sure.” Just ask someone that was there. They will tell you stories of challenge and rain, friendship and stupidity. Ask the guy who emailed me after the run to said “I have never had more fun with a group of complete strangers!” I like that. What I am trying to say is, Find out for your self. Get on your bike and make some friends. Sept. 2016 will be our tenth anniversary. Just saying’ maybe ya don’t want to miss the next one.

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