I hope this isn’t an April fools joke! VR 1000 | UPDATE

You know when they say ” if it’s sounds too good to be true…” well they are right. Thanks for getting my hopes up, and then crushing my dreams… again! Dicks.


Harley Davidson has announced they will return to Super Bike racing and are resurrecting the VR 1000 program.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin was the site of today’s announcement. On hand were Harley Davidson’s legends Wille G. Davidson, Chris Carr, and Jay Springsteen.

From Harley Davidson: “We wanted to return to our racing roots. We compete in AMA Grand National Flat Track, NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle, and now we want to compete on the world stage. In order to do that we had to build a bike that can not only compete but also win in WSBK.”

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