Fuck off “concern drivers”

A concerned viewer contacted On Your Side after seeing flashing headlights on a motorcycle during a daily commute.

After doing some research, turns out the modulating headlights are legal in Idaho as long as they follow these guidelines.

The viewer tells On Your Side the flashing headlight “nearly caused [them] to create a traffic hazard by hastily making [their] way to the right lane.”

Idaho State Police say drivers should exercise caution while yielding to any emergency response vehicles, but the best way to quickly tell what the flashing lights mean is by looking at the color.

It is illegal for any non-emergency vehicles to use red or blue flashing lights of any kind, so Idaho State Police say if it’s a single white light, it’s most likely a motorcyclist trying to increase their visibility.

Casey Campbell at Birds of Prey Motorsports in Caldwell says any motorcycle can be fitted with the modulating light for a little more than $100 — a price he says is well worth it.

“They’re going to notice it right off the bat, it’s not going to be last second when they’re right up on you and you have an accident,” Campbell said. “You’re going to see them a mile down the road making them safer, and making the drivers out on the road safer, too.”

Leaders with the Idaho STAR program say motorcyclists run a risk using the modulating headlights of overwhelming oncoming drivers with the high beam lights. They suggest all motorcyclists wear reflective clothing and helmets while riding, to increase visibility without startling other drivers on the road.

Flashing motorcycle lights concern drivers – www.kivitv.com.

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