Everyone is a WINNER!

We picked all the winners for the theater tickets and notified them this evening by email. Thank you all for your kind emails for tickets. We wish we could accomade everyone but we simply did not have the room. We hate to exclued anyone who is in our thing so… what we are going to do is, Set up a few flat screen TV’s at the bar and watch the movie at the same time as the folks in the theater. We will be giving away drinks, posters and stuff! So, no tickets needed. Just show up and have a few drinks and a lot of fun. Afterwards we will all roll over to the Gutter for the Dice party. Thanks for all the support! Before you go just a quick word about the LMC VIP Give Away... The drawing is this Wednesday. This is what you are up against SLACKERS! Get to WORK! You are about to get your ass handed to you by two girls from Portugal! Actually, I am pulling for them to win! So on second thought, DO NOT Send your photos to Chris at: 6overloser@losermachine.com See ya in Brooklyn! ~Walter

Doors @ 6pm Showtime 7pm
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