2016 Dakar Rally Stage 3 

Storms continued to plague the 2016 Dakar Rally as competitors set off for Stage 3, which featured a shortened timed section owing to the adverse weather conditions. Riders faced tight mountain tracks this time out, which for some made navigation easier than the previous day. Team HRC’s Joan Barreda was one rider to take advantage […]

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BMW’s concept motorcycle helmet has a heads-up display

BMW’s motorcycle division is showing off a next-generation helmet with a built-in heads-up display at CES this week — and it’ll be a real product “within the next few years,” the company says. The helmet is designed to show a variety of different information — heads-up basics like speed and fuel, for instance, plus more […]

Lost Brough Superiors headed to auction

Eight long lost Brough Superiors together worth up to £340,000 have been discovered in a barn in Cornwall. The machines were thought to have been destroyed and have been dubbed the ‘Broughs of Bodmin Moor’ because of disagreement over whether they really existed, according to Ben Walker, International Director for auctioneers Bonhams. The mystery was solved […]

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