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It's a Wrap! MFF • NYC

This is what you missed.

The Motorcycle Film Festival from Drury Design on Vimeo.

Let's go Racing!

This is a busy time of year for us. Gypsy Run, Brooklyn Invitational, Indian Larry Block Party, Motorcycle Film Festival, Race of Gentlemen and more Dice parties than you could shake a stick at! (I always loved that phrase, I need to work it into more conversations.) It's a great time to be a motorcycle enthusiast! I'm on my way down to the race of gentlemen in a few minutes and I haven't been this excited about something since The Clash played Shea Stadium! The bike is purring like a kitten, ( a very very pissed off kitten that is gonna rip your face off... But a kitten all the same. ) it's going to be a great weekend I hope y'all come down and check it out the race. it's rare that stuff this cool happens in New Jersey so don't miss it!  Wish me luck, I'll try to post some pictures on down there.


FRD Shirts

Thank you so much for all your support for the Flathead racing department. If you haven't received your order yet, we're very sorry for the delay but the shipping department should be caught up over the weekend. Thanks again I hope to see you all at the race!


I can't wait for this!

Now this looks promising.


Bott Power

I've posted about these guys before, they just keep knocking it our of the ballpark.



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